Monday, June 14, 2010

Growth Spurt!

This morning we had our follow up 25 week ultrasound.  Great News!!  He had his growth spurt! :)  No more worries or concerns about his head and belly size! Such a HUGE relief.  He weighs approx. 1lb. 8oz.  He was sitting breech...which I am not to worried about as we still have 15 weeks to go!  Since he was sitting breech, he had his legs closed and his feet over his bottom I got NO confimation about the sex!  He had his legs closed and his arm over his face throughout the entire time!  Finally she got him to move his arm so we could see that sweet little face!  I think he looks like Sam!  Ha!  We'll have to see just how accurate I am.  Otherwise everything looked GREAT!!

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