Monday, February 22, 2010

Our new hobby...

We have had a new project keeping us busy these past couple weeks.  Seems as though every free second is spent in the basement.  Just cleaning the basement out to be able to start work on it was a nightmare in itself!!  I mean we had boxes down there that hadn't even been opened since we moved in....5 years ago!!  But the project is finally underway.  All the steel has been layed to be able to frame it up.  The plumbing has been done and new concrete poured.  I have kind-of layed it out for you in the pic's below.
The boys's room's will be moved downstairs.  They will each have their own room.  Sam's room will be a guest room when we have guests.  And they will share a bathroom.  We will have a pretty decent size family room as well.  Which will be really nice since the boy's will be downstairs we will probably end up down there most of the time.
I will finally have a finished laundry room!!  I can't wait.  Not that I will feel any differently about doing laundry, it will be nice to not see clothes hanging all over the basement to dry!

Nick and I have a bet going.  He is for sure he can be done....meaning move in ready...paint on the walls, doors hung, etc, by April 30th.  I think it will be more like June-ish.  The stakes are high, and I hope I win!!  I will keep posting pictures of the progress!! :)

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  1. Yeay! I was so ready for another blog from the Howard family. :) Your basement looks like it's coming along great! How exciting. Love the jack-n-jill bathroom idea! Can't wait to come and stay


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