Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Can you tell...

(Ethan at 13 months)
One MAJOR difference between Ethan and Sam at 13 months, is Sam has WAY more hair. Which concerns me just a little. Ethan has the thickest hair. It may not look SO thick, but it is. Trust me. Does this mean Sam's hair is going to be thicker?? All I know is we are not cutting it anytime soon. Either of them. We are growing their hair out again...can't wait. It's so cute!!

(Sam at 13 months)
Notice the hole in the jeans? We didn't buy them like that!!
That's a sign of great wear!!
Both kids wore them, they are the cutest little boy jeans!!

Sam's new "thing" - pointing his finger in a "general direction" and going "uh uh uh".
Like take me over there and when we get there, I will show you what I want!!

Do you see any similarities of the boys?? Both pictures at 13 months.

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  1. oh gosh!!!!!! how great that you did this:) They look so alike. I just want to come over and play again


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