Monday, August 24, 2009

Our Weekend "Getaway".

So about a month ago, Nick told me to "reserve" the weekend of the 22nd (meaning don't work) for something special. Right away I jumped on the phone to call my best friend Breanne to ask her if she was coming out from California to visit. She immediately assured me she was not, so I just gave up on the guessing what was going on that weekend.
Nick had pretty much convinced me last week that we were taking a 6 hour car ride guess was Rapid. So I proceeded to pack our bags, load up the car with the kiddo's things etc. Thursday night after work, Nick had to go run some errands for our weekend. Well, he took a really long time and when he pulled in the drive-way he came from the airport direction. I thought for sure Breanne was in the car. Next thing you know, she's walking into my kitchen jumping up and down with excitement!! I just had a feeling she was coming!!
So needless to say, I packed just about everything and Nick didn't even help me un-pack!! But he did a awesome job at keeping this a surprise!! It was great!!

Palisades State Park (8/2009)

Breanne and Sammie

Falls Park

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  1. I had absolutely the best time ever visiting you and the lovely family! ... I just love our matching sunglasses (who would've known). Thank you so much for showing me around. Still can't believe I left my whoopie pie behind! Haahaaha!
    Love you always!


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