Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I'm ready for Pre-School!!

Well, we did it. We finally made the decision to put Ethan in pre-school this fall!! I can't believe from now on..he's a student!! :( He will only be going 2x a week for 1/2 days. So it will be a good start for him. He MUST be FULLY potty trained before he can go, and as we all know, we have been working on that for quite some time now. But I think this little extra "push" might just help. He has to wear big boy underwear to school, and we really haven't graduated from pull-ups yet. So we have until September 3rd!! He's been in underwear all day yesterday and today...1 accident yesterday...1 today. Not bad. He's actually doing much better than I thought he would be. I think he's excited about school though, so that helps! He finally understands the importance of peeing in the toilet!! :)

Now I get to take him school clothes shopping!! I can't wait. He did well in his swim lessons, never cried when I left or anything. But I was sitting there watching him the entire time. So this might be a little bit different. I hope he has fun.

Oh, I never told you, he passed his swimm lessons and is ready to move onto the next level, which I think we will take this spring. I don't know. Things are going to get pretty busy around here!

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