Monday, April 6, 2009

3 hours outside play = sleep all night!

The wonderfully spring-ish weather we had last week was just enough to tease you that spring is right around the corner. Until we got 7 inches of snow on Saturday night. Ethan and Sadie were playing outside for hours on end...until leading to complete exhaustion and sleeping through the night without getting out of bed 12 times!! Yes Ethan does not nap anymore, bedtime is another battle. You read him a night time story and just as you sit down on the couch thinking "aah time to relax"...NOT...Ethan is standing in his doorway waiting for you to "tuck him in" again, and again, and again. One night Nick and I were just so tired and wanted him to sleep so we could sleep, we actually let him sleep on our floor next to our bed. I thought he would wake up in the middle of the night and want to go back to his own bed. But he never did. I thought great a new habit he's going to want to get into!

Sammie is doing great. He couldn't be a happier baby. Some nights he sleeps great, others..not so great. But oh well, I really don't mind getting up with him. He went through a phase the other day of not napping all day unless I was holding him. Now that's unmanageable! Especially with another child to take care of! But it's better now.

We are FINALLY finishing our kitchen!! We started priming the cabinets yesterday, took all the doors and hinges off, and picked out a new counter top. I cannot wait until we have NO more projects in our house and I can just enjoy it nice and finished. I think that might never happen!! :)

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