Friday, March 20, 2009

Little Boy with BIG Questions.

Sammie is fascinated with his light up waterfall/fish tank
This morning, our curious BIG BOY was watching me change Sammie's diaper, and he looked up at me and so casually said "Where did we get him at? Target?" I thought what the heck is he talking about, the stuffed animal? So I asked Ethan where did we get who?
He says to me "Sammie Mommy".
I knew this day was coming, I just didn't realize it would be this soon. I was caught off guard and didn't know how to respond. So I told Ethan we got Sammie from Mommy's belly. He then says "at the hospital with all the doctors huh?" I thought, what a smart little cookie. He really remembers A LOT more than I give him credit for!
Ethan wanted to play under Sammie's play arch too!
After I gave him that answer, he didn't ask anymore questions. THANK GOD. I don't think I'm ready for those kinds of questions just yet.
Little Cutie Pie
Sammie is doing great!! We don't go back to the doctor until April, so won't know w weight or anything until then. He's in his swing right now, taking a little snooze.


  1. "Where did we get him at? Target?" Hahahahahahahahaha How funny and cute! So, I'm curious how do you explain where you got Sammie? Something like from Mommies tummy? hahahahahaha.

  2. I LOVE this story! I love the innocence of children!!!!!


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