Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy (late) Valentines Day!

This year I had to work my 12 hour shift on Valentines Day. Which is really no big deal, because we don't celebrate Valentines Day anyways. I think it's just another day to spend more money. You should show your love for each other everyday!! Of course we'll make Valentines Day fun for the kids though! Sammie had on the cutest outfit though, and I wasn't home to grab a picture of it! It was a white all one piece outfit with a big red heart on the butt. SUPER CUTE!

Sammie has taken off on growing. He is wearing 3-6 month clothes, and some of them are too tight. It's mostly the pants that are tight around the belly, and some onesies are a little short. And the one piece footed sleepers are too short. I can't believe it. If he keeps growing like this, all of Ethan's cute clothes that I saved won't be for the right season!! Sammie is doing great. He is a very easy baby. Once in a while he has a fussy moment, but most of the time he is pretty content doing whatever we are doing. We go to his 2 month check tomorrow. I am so anxious to see just how much he weighs. My guess is around 11 lbs. We think he might be teething. YES ALREADY. He has 2 bumps that look like they have a little white behind them, on his bottom gums. This would explain his sporadic drooling, messy diapers and occasional spit up. I'll believe it when I see that thing pop through his gums. But I really do think he is teething!! If I remember right, Ethan got his first 2 teeth at around 4 months.

About a week ago Nick called me when I was at work, asking if we had any vanilla flavoring. I was wondering what the heck he would need that for, since he rarely bakes...only makes really yummy breakfasts! Some I come home that night and ha made this oatmeal raisin cookie bake. They are like a bar instead of a cookie! And of course, Ethan got to lick that beaters!! :) Ethan has grown up a lot lately. The things he says, he just sound so grown up. For about the past week he doesn't want to miss a beat. No naps, and he gets up when he feels like it in the morning. Like this morning, Sammie woke up at 6:07. Nick went to get out of bed, and discovered Ethan standing there staring at him...kind of a creepy though to have someone watching you while you sleep...
I think he might feel left out. Everyone is in our bed except him. So he jumped up and we all watched "Handy Manny" 6:07 in the morning...Zzz
It's going to be a long day!

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